"... but your gluten free pizza is hands down the best I've ever tasted.  Thank you for  giving us poor gluten-allergic pizza lovers such an outstanding treat."




Mae B. Haynes

Wayzata, MN

Don't Panic -- Go Gourmet gluten free frozen pizza!
. . .  from our freezer to yours.

Now people with Celiac Disease can eat their favorite pizzas thanks to Gourmet Parlor Pizza. Celiac Disease prevents people from eating foods that contain gluten, most notably wheat and other grains. Eating gluten will cause those with Celiac Disease to have a bad reaction in their small intestine, leasing to illness. A gourmet gluten free frozen pizza from Gourmet Parlor Pizza allows those with Celiac Disease to enjoy one of America's most popular foods.

Most people want the traditional toppings they had as kids in the sit-down parlors. Try our perfect tasting gluten-free pizza available at an affordable price.

Enjoy the nation's first traditional gluten free frozen pizza smothered with rBGH Hormone Free cheese. Our name, Gourmet Parlor Pizza, and our superior taste say it all. Gluten-free never tasted this good! Try one of the four varieties: Pepperoni, Cheese, Sausage, Sausage and Pepperoni combo.

    * A heavier pizza - 21 and 24 ounces each - this pizza will give you six large servings!

    * Designed for the health conscious, Gluten-Free eater.

Gourmet Gluten Free Pizza -- what could be easier?

All packages shipped with DRY ICE in their own cooler to guarantee freshness.

Nutritional Facts For Pepperoni Gluten Free Pizza

Nutritional Facts For Cheese Gluten Free Pizza

Nutritional Facts For Sausage Pepperoni Gluten Free Pizza

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