Gourmet Parlor Pizza has been a popular choice for pizza lovers across Central Minnesota since 1980.  We are a wholesale and retail pizza manufacturer located in Royalton, MN.  We help many school and youth groups, church groups, athletic groups, and non-profit organizations in their fundraising efforts by selling pizzas to them at a special price.

We make it simple… we provide a great product at a great price.  Our pizzas are delivered to you at a time and a place that is convenient for everyone involved.  We work with you to make this a fun and exciting experience.  Please review the enclosed information that shows all the great varieties of pizzas we offer your fundraising group.  If you would like, we can send out some samples of our pizzas so you can see how great tasting our pizzas are.

Steps to an Easy and Successful Fundraiser

  1. Contact us at [email protected] or call 320-584-5930 / 1-888-584-5930 and we will have as fundraiser coordinator contact you and get your group started
  2. Decide how many weeks your organization wants to fundraise.  We suggest 2-3 weeks.
  3. Make sure checks are made payable to YOUR organization.
  4. Tally up order forms and submit a check to Gourmet Parlor Pizza for your cost of the pizza, please keep your profits.  (Ask your fundraising sales rep for an excel spreadsheet to make tallying easier.)
  5. Set a delivery date, location and pick up time that is convenient for your organization.  Don’t forget to send out a reminder to everyone.
  6. Gather a few volunteers to help on delivery day.  Gourmet Parlor Pizza will be there with bags and to assist you in getting orders out to those who participated in fundraiser.
  7. Please make sure everyone brings coolers to keep the pizza’s frozen.
  8. Celebrate your fundraising success!
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